How I write non-fiction … or is that, why I write non-fiction?

I love to turn rocks over and discover new things. Like it or not, I also like to tell people about my discoveries. So, to channel that enthusiasm – and to spare friends and family – I write for strangers!

I write for Science Weekly magazine, which is a curriculum enhancement for schools. I write issues that cover science, math and reading for kindergarten through 6th grade. When I wrote about marine snails, I raised 4 in a fishbowl in my kitchen. You can actually watch their mouths open when they rasp (look that word up!) their food against the side of the glass bowl! When I wrote about Animal Communications, I visited the Think Tank and sat with scientists and huge fluffy and imposing orangutans at the National Zoo. My issue on Pain had me measuring how much cold I could stand by dabbling my hand in ice water…over, and over again.

For great information on Science Weekly see Writing non-fiction is a great balance to writing fiction. And, it bends my mind in directions I might not have thought to explore without the assignment!